Saturday, September 6, 2014

Welcome to the new school year.  I will be using this blog for major projects we will be doing throughout the year, and you can use it as a resource to find information, a new book, and fun sites to enjoy. It also has a link to vocabulary and spelling words we use throughout each unit.  You can find these on the ELA Text Links page above.  Feel free to look around.

Our class began using the Treasures book on our second week of school and completed our first week of work on Friday, September 5th, when we took our first test.  

Two days before a test, students will be given a review sheet that has all of the spelling words, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and grammar on the back.  This will be in their binder and placed in their ELA folder, or their Take Home Folder.  I will let you know in the daily communication email when it goes home.  

Mrs. Murray, the 5B teacher, and I, have decided to send a spelling page home for practice.  We will begin the page as bell work at school and it will go home in their folder to work on during the week.  It does not have to be completed that night, just before the test, so they will have time to do it. They will bring it to school on the day of the test and show me it was completed.   I will let you know in the email (as a note) that it has been sent home. 

I am truly looking forward to this year and getting to know these amazing students.  Thanks for sharing them with me for the next few months.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

We are finishing up Unit 1 this week and completing the Unit Assessment throughout this week.  It is a very long test and will take the week to do it in pieces.  Students have accomplished a lot throughout this unit and I am very pleased with their effort.  Progress has been made and they are really learning how to find meaning in text.

Each student is still expected to read approximately 20 min. each night.  Research shows that students in 4th grade should be reading a total of 2 hours each day to stay at grade level.  This includes reading in class, but to make up for other time they are missing, it is very important for them to read a bit at home.  As fifth graders, it is important for them to read, read, and read some more.  Try to help them find books that work for them and fit into their interest.  These are the books they will be using to complete their book recommendations and letters to me, which are required each quarter.  Take some time to discuss their books with them.  Students really enjoy telling me about their discussions with family members about their books.  Your enthusiasm for reading is vital to their success.  After all, you are their first and best teacher.

Monday, October 14, 2013

If your child is absent from ELA during the week, you can check out ELA this week on the tab  above and find out what they missed.

All first quarter letters to the teacher and book recommendations are due by Wednesday of this week.  Students have known about this and I have been writing in their planners if they do not have them.

Monday, October 7, 2013

If your child is absent during the week you can always find the class work that we completed during that day on the above tab labeled "Class Activities for the Week."

We will be going to the book fair during class Tuesday.

Test on Thursday, Oct. 10 for Unit 1 Week 3.  Vocabulary and spelling words can be found on the text link tab above. It is the first link.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mrs. Griffith will be absent all week, so Math activities will be placed in the ELA blog for this week.  You can also find class information on:
  •  Homework on the Web in Parent Portal on SIS
  • Blog Tab in ELA as ELA This Week
This information is the same as what the students put in their planner each day.  Occasionally, this may change, but this is the original plan for the week.

If you have any questions that would normally be directed to Mrs. Griffith, you can email any of the 5A teachers.  We will try to take care of any concerns. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

In English Language Arts, we will be using the Treasures series.  This is the same book that was used throughout the primary and elementary grades.  You will not be assigned a book because we use them mostly for the stories.  If you are absent you can check out a book and return it the next day.  I do have a link on this blog that has the vocabulary words that we will be using if you need help with them.

The district has decided to do the reading and writing workshop in each grade.  I am extremely excited about this!  We are going to find those "just right" books and get into "the zone" as we read and write around the room.  Writing will be meaningful and we will create some amazing works.  I sure hope you are ready for a fun, challenging, and exciting time as we venture through the doorway of our imaginations.

In ELA (English Language Arts) you will have two grades: one for reading and one for writing.  Rooster Time will be a class that reinforces both of these grades and also your math grade.  This is vital time to get work finished, improve your reading and writing skills, and also math skills.

Please familiarize yourself with this blog for any questions you may have.  Many are answered through the blog.  It does not need to be checked daily, but if you have any questions, please let it be the first place you go to get information.  Email, which seems like a quicker way normally, takes a little longer because of our schedule.  We have our plan time first thing in the morning, which means we do not have a break throughout the day until after school and duties are finished.  If we have to scoot out of the school quickly we may not get back to you for at least 24 hours, until our next plan time.  Please remember that we are structured different from what you are used to.  We do have homerooms, but we also have close to 100 students to get to know and take care of their needs.  Please be assured that we care about each one of them as individuals and want all of their needs to be met, so communication is vital for their success.  It just may not happen as quickly as you were used to when they were in a self contained classroom with approximately 24 other students.   


Monday, April 29, 2013

We are beginning the Memory Book that we complete at the end of the year.  This activity is always a fun one for the kids once it is finished.  I have an assignment for all parents, but will email that to you soon.

Students have been writing this throughout the year and we will be doing the typing on three days this month.

The schedule is a follows:
Monday (4/29) - Write about "My Life as a Fifth Grader" for Memory Book
Tuesday Hour 4 & 5 (4/30) -  Writing, "25 Years From Now"
Wednesday Hour 2 & 3 - "The Person I Most Admire"
Thursday Hour 2 & 3 - "The Person I Most Admire"
Friday (5/3) - Computer Lab (We will also be in the lab on May 8 & 9 )

Monday , May 6, Front Cover
Tuesday, May 7, Finish cover or write missing pages
Wednesday, May 8, Computer Lab
Thursday, May 9, Computer Lab (last day in lab)
Friday: Field Day/MAP Reward

Monday, May 13 & 14 Reader's Workshop
Wednesday, May 15, Put Books Together - Need a lot of parent help on this day if possible!

We do need parent help to laminate the cover (would like to have 3-4 to help laminate and cut) on May 8 or 9,  and we also need help to do the binding on May 15.  Please let me know if this is a possibility for you.